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Health Screening

Health and Safety, legal obligations and absenteeism. These are all issues that keep business managers awake at night. But with our occupational health solutions you can rest easy.

They’re flexible and affordable, so you can invest in exactly the level of service your business needs to manage absenteeism and protect the safety, health and welfare of your employees.

  • Designed to help employers with their duty of care
  • Manage absenteeism and accelerate a return to work
  • Help ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation

On-site Risk Assessments.

Our occupational health professionals can visit your workplaces and carry out a range of assessments tailored to the needs of different organisations. Using the latest mobile health equipment, they monitor employee health and identify adverse health risks.

Available from just £400 per business, per day.

What’s included:
What are the costs:

Number of employees

Up to 8 employees

Up to 15 employees

16 employees or more

Cost per day



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Time per person

30 minutes

30 minutes


Occupational Health Questionnaires.

Our occupational health questionnaires are designed to support employers' duty of care and help ensure compliance with Health and Safety legislation. A cost-effective annual licence provides access to tailored questionnaires which are easy to use, cover a variety of different roles and provide employers with detailed reports.

Available from just £100 per business, per year.

What’s included:
What are the costs:

Number of employees

Up to and including 99 employees

Between 100-1000 employees

Over 1,000 employees



£1 per employee

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Absence Management Referrals.

Dealing with absenteeism can distract managers from their core responsibilities and erode productivity. But as an employer, it’s vital that absent employees are given all the support they need.

That’s where our absentee management referral team can help. They’ll liaise with the absent employee in accordance with your duty of care and accelerate their return to work, so your managers are free to focus on business. We provide face-to-face and digital referrals and, what’s more, there’s no contract; you only pay for the service when you need it. How good is that?

Prices on a case by case basis starting from £175

What’s included:

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