Employee health by the numbers.

Absenteeism, unfocused employees and resignations are all symptoms of an unhealthy and unhappy workforce.

However it’s not until you consider the collective costs of these issues that you realise employee health benefits are an investment well worth making.

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Rebecca Binks

KK Foods, Marketing Coordinator and Health Shield customer

131.2 million

working days were lost due to sickness in the UK 1


is the average cost to the employer for every day an employee is absent 2

£34.9 billion

is the estimated cost of mental health problems at work for the UK economy 3

£21.2 billion

is the cost of presenteeism to the UK economy each year, with many employees working whilst unwell 4

15.4 million

working days are lost due to stress, depression or anxiety 5

1 in 3

businesses do not know the absence cost to their business 6

And now for the good news.

On average, our health benefits cost


Per employee, per week*

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* Tailored Health Cash Plan Employer Paid Level 1

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